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Let’s get Lippy

Lipsticks make or break any look and there are so many options available whether it be liquid, bullet, stains, creams, satins or mattes the list of lippy is endless. At this moment in my handbag I have at least ten different lipsticks, they are my go to product when I go into a make up store, you really can never have too many. I thought I would help fellow lippy lovers pick some new favs, discover some old loves and delve into the wonderful world that is lipstick. The only lip product not on this list is lip gloss, because I personally am not a fan of gloss, but if you love it I would love to learn about your favs.

Gimme Matte

I must admit I’m fairly new to the world of matte lipsticks, but they are such an amazing make up staple. I find matte lipsticks to last longer then satin formulas and give your lips more of a painted look without the gloss and shine. There are endless matte lipsticks out there but some are my personal favs at the moment are;

Kat Von D Studded Lipstick (Shade La Femme); Available at Sephora


Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Finish Lipstick (Shade Kiss of Life); Available at Priceline


We scream for cream 

If you love the feeling of smooth silky lips then cream or satin finish are the best lipsticks for you. They leave a moisturised feeling to your lips that makes it a super comfortable finish for daily wear. I personally prefer a cream finish vs. a matte because matte lipsticks make the lines and grooves of your lips more prominent and highlighted. My current go to cream lipsticks are;

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick (Shade Venom) ; Available at Mecca


Kiko Milano Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick (Shade Cherry Blossom Rose); Unavailable in Australia


Liquid Gold

Some may disagree but I much prefer Liquid lipsticks over bullet lipsticks. I find you can get a more precise application with a fuller coverage over the entire lips. Liquid lipsticks come in both Matte and Satin finishes and I am yet to use a liquid lipstick that doesn’t smell amazing. This by far will be my longest list of favourites so I apologise in advance for the amount of scrolling that is about to take place; 

Firstly lets talk matte;

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick (Shade Rosa) ; Available at Mecca


Sportsgirl LipChalk (Shade Bombshell) ; Available at Sportsgirl


Kylie Matte Lip Kit (Shade Posie K); Available at Kylie Cosmetics


Secondly its Cream’s turn

Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick (Shade Chihuahua); Available at Mecca


Too Faced Melted Metal Liquified Metallic Lipstick (Shade Melted Metallic Peony); Available at Mecca


Lip Crayons

Crayons are a great alternative to using a standard lipstick bullet. The tips of crayons are usually slimmer than bullets which make for a more precise application. I have a soft spot for deliciously scented make up products and my favourite lip crayons ( Maybelline Colour Drama) smell like the traditional make up smell. You can make something smell like lollies or vanilla but give me old fashioned lip stick smell any day, I know you know the scent I’m talking about. Here are my fav lip crayons to give a go;

Maybelline Colour Drama Lipstick (Shade Minimalist and Fuchsia Desire ); Available at Priceline

Fuchsia Desire


Stain, stain, stain

The great thing about lip stains is you apply it once in the morning and that is it. A good lip stain should pass the glass test, you should be able to take a sip of water and not have any lipstick transfer onto the glass. I have found the most long lasting lip stains are actually the cheaper options, I don’t know why but I’m not complaining. Here is my favourite stain that you can try out;

Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain (Shade Pink Souffle); Available at Sephora


Line Em Up

It is a crucial beauty rule to always apply lip liner before you apply your lipstick. Please, please, please if you leave this blog taking away only one thing may it be this; to not line is a crime. Its as simple as liner creates a colour in the lines approach to applying your lipstick, you are less likely to unintentionally overdraw your lippy and give your lips the added definition that need to make the perfect pout. These are all the lip liners that I love (sorry there is a lot);

Revlon ColourStay Lipliner (Shade Soft Pink – this shade no longer available); Available at Priceline

Shade featured; Sienna

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Lip Pencil (Shade Unicorn); Available at Mecca


Kiko Milano Creamy Colour Comfort Lip Liner (Shade Coral Pink); Unavailable in Australia


The Body Shop Lip Definer (Shade Clover Pink); Available at The Body Shop


Balm Baby

Some days when you’re having a day at home and don’t wont to commit to a lipstick, balms are the perfect option. They moisturise and give your lips are much needed breather from the thick products they are used too. Sometimes we just gotta let our lips recover. Here are my go to balms;

Nivea Pearly Shine; Available at Priceline


Maybelline Baby Lips Loves Color SPF (Shade Pink Lolita); Available at Priceline


Scrub a dup dup

Forget make up wipes or cleansers the best way to remove any lip product at the end of the day is a lip scrub. It acts as a gentle exfoliant as well as getting rid of any left over colour from the day. I apply the scrub in circular motions then leave for a few minutes before wiping off and rinsing with water to get rid of any left over sugar crystals. I have only one holy grail product that is such a bargain at $9.95 (AU).

Sportsgirl Lip Scrub Berry; Available at Sportsgirl



Goodnight Balm

Last but certainly not least is the all important night lip balm to give your lips back all their much needed hydration. I leave my night balm next to my bed so without fail it goes on every single night right before I fall asleep. By morning my lips feel soft and smooth ready for the colour thats about to be lathered back up on them. There is only one night balm that I will ever use and I’m so sorry that its only available overseas.

Kiko Milano Night BalmUnavailable in Australia

Night Balm


Congratulations if you made it to the end of this post, I’m beyond sorry it was extremely long but once I start talking about my lippys I just can’t stop.

Till next time,

Sarah xxoo








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