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Palette Party

Yes I hate to admit it but I am one of those people that buys whatever eyeshadow palette is currently the favourite of the many beauty bloggers on youtube, my personal favourites being Lauren Curtis, Manny MUA, Jeffree Star, Jaclyn Hill and Kathleen Lights. It’s not like the colours in these palettes have never been done before its the way they are packaged and the colour combinations that make each new palette exciting and a must have. I thought I would rate my current palette collection to let you know what to try and what to give a miss. I personally don’t think I have that many but seeing as I only have two eyes and only do make up once a day I guess it could seem a bit excessive, but if you really think that you must not love make up that much…..

Morphe 35W Pro Palette

Sarah Says; 8/10


I bought this palette because everyone (beauty bloggers) seemed to keep raving about Morphe palettes being amazing and have such a reasonable price tag. I choose the 35W because the colours seemed to have a great range of warm tones that could give a gold smokey eye look or a darker plum night look. This palette didn’t disappoint, the colours are extremely pigmented and blend very nicely. The only negative about these shadows is they do give a lot of fall out which can make for a messy application if you don’t tap the excess off the brush first.

Urban Decay Naked3 Palette

Sarah Says; 7/10



The Naked Palettes by Urban Decay are a make up staple of any keen make up addict. I choose the Naked3 Palette as it’s focus was on creating a natural look with pink hues instead of browns. There is a mix of shimmer and matte shades that can range for a perfect day or night look. The matte shades do apply a lot more easily than the shimmers, the shimmer shades apply best with fingers versus a brush.




Too Faced Natural Love Eye Shadow Collection

Sarah Says; 10/10


I first saw this palette when Lauren Curtis did a make up tutorial with it on her make up channel. Being in Australia I had to wait an extremely long time to try it, but it was so worth the much anticipated wait. Each shadow is extremely pigmented and the colour range offers some beautiful colours. Too Faced palettes I find can be very hit or miss but this one is amazing. There are endless options for day and night looks and of course being a Too Faced palette their is a sweet aroma to the entire palette, that makes it even more irresistible.

Tarte Make Believe In Yourself Eye and Cheek Palette

Sarah Says; 4/10


I was so excited when I saw this palette for the first time, it was beautifully packaged and had some gorgeous shimmer shades that swatched with full colour pay off. However the only shadows that seem to pick up on the brush are the matte shades, which is only 2 of the colours in the palette. The glitter on the shimmer shades seem to be just on the surface of the shadow and just fall out off the brush and don’t leave any colour on the eyelid whatsoever. I usually love Tarte but I found this palette to be more gimmicky than useful.

Urban Decay Electric Palette

Sarah Says; 8/10


If it was deemed normal to wear vibrant bright colours everyday I would give this palette a 10/10. I love the colours so much in this palette, but I just don’t use it that much because they are quite limiting. The shadows are pressed pigments therefore the colour payoff is incredible and true to colour.  There is little to no fall out and a little amount of shadow goes a very long way. Anyone else second the vote to make it socially acceptable to wear a fluro orange and pink cut crease to work everyday ?

Maybelline The Nudes Palette


Sarah Says; 6/10

For a drugstore eyeshadow palette this one is incredible. The colours swatch very true to colour and they blend easily for various looks. I would even compare the quality of these shadows to the Urban Decay Naked Palette shadows as they are so pigmented and give no fall out. The only reason I haven’t rated this product higher is that I find the colours limiting and too many of them are the same tone. Its a great affordable dupe for other high end everyday eyeshadow palettes and is small and compact making it great for travelling or applying make up on the go.

Morphe Kathleen Lights Palette

Sarah Says; 9/10


I must admit I only bought this eyeshadow palette as it was a collaboration between one of my favourite beauty bloggers and one of my favourite brands. Like my other morphe palette there is a fair amount of fall out, but the shadows are incredibly creamy and blendable and swatch beautifully. The colour range is great offering neutral, brown and even green tones for a pop of colour. Unfortunately I think this palette was limited edition so it may be hard to track down if you want to give it a try.



I could write for hours about my other many eyeshadow palettes, but then I would have nothing to entice you to continue reading for part two coming in the next few weeks…

Till next time,

Sarah xxoo








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